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Aloha! Greetings from the lush garden island of Kauai in Hawaii! Welcome to our collection of Indo-Tibetan Antique Artifacts. In this gallery you will find a beautiful selection of authentic artifacts. Since 1970, Tsajon, our company's founding partner, has been traveling to India and Nepal studying the culture and hunting for treasures. The galleries on our site are filled with fine works of art and jewelry curated with a keen eye and years of experience. Tsajon made five overland trips from Europe to India in the 70’s. He spent six months in a Tibetan Monastery. He started the rendition silver, ethnic jewelry business in Nepal. He developed quality contacts throughout India and is one of the most respected names in India. He has access to some of the best artisans in India. If you can’t find what you want on our website, please contact Tsajon. 

Thank you again for visiting our Indo-Tibetan Antiques gallery and we invite you to visit our other galleries by either clicking on the embedded links above or by clicking on the drop down menus at the top of the screen: Jewelry, Indo-Tibetan Art, South East Asian Art, Collectors, Minerals, Paintings or Carpets to see a full listing of galleries. With similar themes to this gallery, we recommend you take a minute to visit our Indo-Tibetan Contemporary Rendition Gallery as well as our South East Asian Antique Artifacts and South East Asian Rendition Artifact galleries. Thank you and we look forward to your inquiries. ~Jewel of the Lotus and Lotus Gallery team

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16th century fire pot used by the worshipers of Shiva.

Shivite fire pot
Item number: 0196
In stock


Life size Chola Style Parvati
Item number: 0217
In stock

Antique puja stand from India.

Puja stand
Item number: 0605
In stock

Antique, bronze statue of an Indian Rishi.

Bronze Rishi
Item number: 0664
In stock

Antique, bronze statue of Hanuman.

Bronze Hanuman
Item number: 0667
In stock

Nepalese bronze hanging oil lamp.

Hanging bronze oil lamp
Item number: 0684
In stock

Antique stand made of bronze.

Antique stand
Item number: 0718
In stock

Temple guardian

Temple guardian
Item number: 1957
In stock
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