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Antique Asian Jewelry

Aloha! Greetings from the lush garden island of Kauai in Hawaii! Welcome to our collection of Antique Indian and Asian Jewelry. In this gallery you will find a beautiful selection of antique jewelry from India and the surrounding countries of Asia. We have hand chosen each of these masterpieces for their beauty and cultural significance. Despite the abundance of gold jewelry produced for marriages and temple use over the centuries, due to pilferage, looting, and the tradition of melting the old for the new, there remains only a small quantity of genuine antique pieces. A much smaller number of the surviving pieces are currently in circulation. For this reason, we guarantee the authenticity of our antique jewelry by providing you with a certificate of authenticity for your assurance, and insurance. We hope you enjoy these precious pieces and the glimpse into the past they afford. We look forward to your inquiries. Aloha!

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Gujarati choker necklace
Item number: 1153
In stock
Early 20th century choker necklace from Gujarat, India. Learn More
Antique Indian Pendant
Item number: 1275
In stock
Antique necklace from India. Learn More
Rajasthan Mughal style necklace
Item number: 1617
In stock
Mughal multi-gemstone necklace from India.

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Learn More
Faceted Ruby necklace
Item number: 2206
In stock
Antique Diamond and Ruby Pendant on a Ruby necklace. Learn More
Antique gold earrings
Item number: 2524

Regular Price: $2,200.00

Price online *: $1,540.00

* website special only

In stock
Antique gold earrings Learn More
Antique Diamond & Ruby Earrings
Item number: 2954

Regular Price: $3,200.00

Price online *: $2,200.00

* website special only

In stock
Kundan set antique 18K & 22K diamond earrings Learn More
Ruby & pearl necklace
Item number: 2780
In stock
Ruby and Basara pearl necklace Learn More
Pearl necklace with Antique peacock pendant
Item number: 3572
In stock
Freshwater pearl necklace with Basara pearl peacock pendant. Learn More
Antique Peacock Pearl necklace
Item number: 4356
In stock
Antique Peacock Nose Ring Pendant Learn More
South Indian Shivite Pendant
Item number: 4418
In stock
South Indian Shivite Pendant. Learn More
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