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Aloha! Greetings from the lush garden island of Kauai in Hawaii! Welcome to our collection of South East Asian Antique Artifacts. This gallery includes selected pieces from Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and China. Influenced by religious art from India, South East Asia developed its own style over the centuries by such great dynasties as the Khmer Empire. Old or new, you will find a great selection of quality, hand crafted art by gifted artisans from the South East Asian area.

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Antique Burmese treasure box.

Burmese relic box
Item number: 0177
In stock

Burmese angel called "Angera".

Burmese Angera angel
Item number: 0589
In stock

Antique Mandalay bird.

Golden lana bird
Item number: 1523
In stock

Burmese Seated Monks

Burmese seated monks
Item number: 2249
In stock

Thai Lanna Temple Altar

Thai Lanna Temple Altar Piece
Item number: 2255
In stock

Burmese base stand

Burmese Lacquered Stand
Item number: 2260
In stock

Biku Chair Backing

Thai Temple Biku Chair Backing
Item number: 2640
In stock
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